What are Workflows?

Business processes can be broken down into specific workflows. Workflows are pre-determined steps combined with data that complete a process from initiation to completion. Workflows can complete  steps in a data governance Solution and provide greater efficiency.

Information Asset offers over 150 workflows for data governance business processes.

These workflows simplify Solutions including the set up of data governance tools, meeting specific use cases and minimize time spent on repetitive tasks. They also greatly shorten the time to deliver business value. They are available for the Collibra and Informatica tools.

Each Workflow Includes
  • A description
  • Business problem and solution
  • Flow diagram
  • Source Code
  • Deployment Document

Example Workflow:  Propose approval of glossary

Use Cases for Workflows

Workflows which allow users of data and information across the business to subscribe to and receive updates to specific data assets (terms, data elements, models, etc.) , request access, approve new assets, or suggest edits to existing assets, and participate in data and issue management activities.


  • Governance Solution-> (Data Issue Management), Workflow -> (Issue Validation)
  • Workflow enables the identification and validation of a data issue within a glossary, which promotes good business user and data steward collaboration

Workflows which allow stewards and owners of data and information across the business to actively participate in formalized processes for requesting, proposing, reviewing, approving, publishing, and removing data assets, policy generation, issue validation, management and resolution.


  • Governance Solution-> (Establishing and Maintaining a Business Glossary), Workflow -> (Propose Approval of Glossary)
  • Workflow enables the proposal, review and approval process for the addition of a new glossary.  The new glossary could be an associated subset of an existing glossary, or related to newly created/acquired data for the business.

Workflows for managing data quality and data quality exceptions, including rule development, quality reviews, and issue escalation.


  • Governance Solution-> (Data Quality Management), Workflow -> (Propose a DQ rule)
  • Workflow enables the review and approval of business and technical criteria for quality measuring of a data element.  Data quality rules are key to managing highly critical data elements.

Workflows for enabling the development of statistical models from business needs, and requirements, to identifying model inputs, construction, deployment, management and execution.


  • Governance Solution-> (Statistical Modeling), Workflow -> (Work Intake Approval)
  • Workflow enables the review of model purpose, inputs, and model validation.  This is critical in governing the integrity and use of models for operational and analytical purposes.

Workflows to enable the identification, classification, and safeguarding of sensitive data from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.


  • Governance Solution-> (Data Sharing Agreements), Workflow -> (Approve Sharing Agreement)
  • Workflow enables the review and approval of the data sharing requirements to support the acceptable use, security, and restrictions of data being passed between two parties.

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