Information Asset has built an integration solution between Pivotal Greenplum and Collibra Data Governance Center (DGC).

Integration Solution: Pivotal Greenplum to Collibra

Pivotal Greenplum is an advanced, fully featured, open source data platform. It is based on PostgreSQL open-source technology and uses massively parallel processing (MPP) techniques. Its architecture is specially designed to manage large-scale analytic data warehouses and business intelligence workloads.

Information Asset has built an integration that allows an automated solution to store metadata as assets and have lineage between them in Collibra.

Next Steps

Information Asset’s Pivotal Greenplum to DGC is a solution that fetches metadata from Greenplum and stores it in Collibra for easy governance and storage. To take advantage of this solution and to learn more about Pivotal Greenplum to Collibra DGC, please request a demo by contacting