The data governance journey can be complex for your business. No matter where you are in your data governance journey maturity, data integrations must be kept in mind. We at Information Asset have started a roadmap in developing integration solutions to support your business, bringing sophisticated focus to data governance. We have built an important integration solution between IBM® Guardium® and Collibra® DGC (IBMG2DGC) as a key initiative in our roadmap.

Integration solutions make your daily operations flow more smoothly, bringing attention to absolute data governance practices rather than focusing on questions about proper stitching of the data lineage, correct alignment of the technical metadata in data movements, and so on. Our IBMG2DGC solution provides integration to support an automated transfer of data policies from IBM Guardium to Collibra DGC.

Integration Solution: IBMG2DGC
IBM Guardium is a comprehensive data security platform that provides capabilities such as discovery and classification of sensitive data; vulnerability assessment; data and file activity monitoring; data masking, encryption, blocking, alerting, and quarantining; and protection of sensitive data. Data stewards do not have visibility into Guardium policies (for example, the policy “Send alerts to administrators if large numbers of SSNs are extruded” is not readily visible to data stewards). However, Collibra is prepared to mitigate that potential gap.

Collibra gives data stewards the ability to manage security data policies with ease. Using Collibra, one can manage data policies by adding roles and responsibilities, establishing review and approval, and importing business metadata from business glossaries, critical data element guidelines, data sharing agreements, regulation/compliance business rules, and much more. Collibra does not have the capability of operationalizing data policies, while IBM Guardium does.

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Data policies delivered from IBM Guardium to Collibra DGC


IBM Guardium data policy linked to Collibra DGC data policy