The Information Asset team is a leader in providing Implementation Services. Our Implementation services range from Data Lake, Data Governance, Data Catalog, Data Quality, and Metadata Solutions. Data Lake governance has become mission critical. Businesses are seeking to take advantage of cheaper, faster data lake technologies to provide access to information previously locked up in strictly controlled database technologies. This provides not only expanded access to information for the more traditional data lake uses such as advanced analytics for data scientists, but also more traditional business intelligence uses such as reporting and ad hoc access. It also provides the ability to reduce costs of providing the data.

Information Asset helps these businesses by assisting in the development of Solutions to govern the data as it is ingested into the lake as raw data and as it moves through various stages of refinement and quality control to ensure that the data meets the user requirements on consummation. This includes the ability to identify and manage access against data that comes with contractual, regulatory, legal or business restrictions on its use, and to ensure that the restrictions follow the data as it moves through the lake.

The Information Asset team is a leader in implementing Solutions. Our Implementation services range from Data Lake, Data Governance, Data Catalog, Data Quality, and Metadata Solutions. Our team has implemented over a hundred data governance and data catalog technology implementations.  These implementations include operating models, workflows, integrations, cookbooks, training and knowledge transfer.

Information Asset’s Offshore Services facilitates your company’s ability to focus on core activities while instituting a cost-saving means of ensuring business requirements are met. Information Asset has a fully functional offshore and onshore team that specializes in all aspects of development for partner software. Our offshore team includes highly skilled resources with experience in the following components of development:

Support cloud hosting with AWS and Azure and Hadoop on-premise

  • Installation of partner software, including integration with LDAP and Active Directory.
  • Customization of the operating model.
  • Customization of OOTB workflows and development of custom workflows.
  • Integration of software with third-party tools.
  • Knowledge of third-party tools, such as IBM® InfoSphere® Information Governance Catalog, IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer, IBM Guardium®, Informatica® Metadata Manager, Informatica Data Quality, Data Advantage Group® MetaCenter™, Atlassian Jira and Microsoft® SQL Server® to facilitate integrations.

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