Information Asset has built an integration solution between Podium Data and IBM InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog (IGC).

Integration Solution: Podium Data to IGC

Podium Data is a comprehensive end-to-end platform that manages enterprise data from a wide variety of data sources and formats. Extending the efficiencies of Hadoop economics, Podium Data enables business users to source, validate, profile, transform, and provision data in a self-service environment that organizes enterprise data sources into context-driven, executable datasets.

Information Asset has built an integration that allows an automated solution to store metadata as assets in IGC.

Next Steps

Information Asset’s Podium Data to IBM IGC is a solution that fetches metadata from Podium Data and stores it in IBM IGC for easy governance and storage. To take advantage of this solution and learn more about Podium to IBM IGC, please request a demo by contacting