This complimentary white paper provides a framework for big data policies and standards.

Big data is often referred to in the context of the “three Vs:”

  • Volume (data at rest) – Big data is generally large.
  • Velocity (Data is motion) – Often time-sensitive, streaming data must be analyzed with millisecond response times to bolster real-time decisions.
  • Variety (data in many formats) – Big data includes structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data such as email, audio, video, clickstreams, log files, and biometrics.

Organizations need to establish policies to ensure the maximum success of their big data programs. These policies need to address specific aspects of big data governance including security, privacy, acceptable use, and metadata.

Sunil Soares is the Founder and Managing Partner of Information Asset, a consulting firm focused on Data Governance and Enterprise Data Management. He is the author of several books including Selling Information Governance to the Business and Big Data Governance. For more information, please visit

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